We design and manufacture new gears that meet
and exceed the OEM’s specifications.

Making Gears of all Sizes. Gears are the most critical element of any industrial apparatus. At Euro Gear Industries, we design and manufacture top-quality custom gears of all sizes that meet and exceed the OEM’s specifications. We can design and manufacture just about any gear type and size to imperial and metric specifications under strict AGMA quality control regulations. From custom cutting to fresh improvements for your new product, we have the necessary production experience your project requires.

Our process is really simple and streamlined. We use injection molding and 3D printing to create prototypes that help us re-engineer your gear system. Our engineers then choose and test the best proprietary steels or specialty for the gear making. We cut everything from single units to production runs. To deliver extraordinary results, we use a variety of gear-making techniques and processes, including:


Using the most advanced technology and hobbing machines, our team can quickly produce a variety of heavy industrial precision gears. Using gear hobbing, we can rapidly deliver long-lasting external gears, ensuring that we get you back to production quickly and cheaply.

Gear Broaching

Broaching is a highly specialized process that ensures that we cut high-precision gears in either a rotary or linear manner.

Gear Grinding

Our high-precision grinding process employs surface and internal grinding techniques to polish, smoothen and de-burr heat-treated gears, allowing us to remove any irregularities and fabricate high-quality gears with close tolerances. The end-product is a gear that wears evenly and provides you with quieter operation.

Gear Shaping/Cutting

Our shaping process, also known as gear turning or cutting, employs the use of a variety of high-tech machinery and tools to cut high-precision products.

CNC Milling

Computer numerical control (CNC) milling is a highly versatile and practical process to make a variety of custom gears. At Euro Gear, we have invested heavily in advanced CNC milling equipment and industry’s best CAD/CAM technology and expertise that allow us to produce top-of-the-line, defect-free products with quick turnaround and reasonable pricing, every time!

Heat treatment

This process ensures that we make quality gears with hardened, wear-resistant teeth while leaving the core soft and sturdy. Some of our heat treatment methods are flame, carburizing, nitriding, and induction. For large gears that are prone to warp, a quench press is used.

Our customers, from small mills to huge international plants, rely on us to fulfill their unique requirements, time and time again. Our products are built to last. To deliver on this promise, we use state-of-the-art gear manufacturing equipment and processes to ensure we manufacture high-quality, high-precision components that last longer than any OEM products within short lead times.

We can manufacture any gear type in a variety of sizes to fit the unique needs of your application. Our custom, high-precision gear manufacturing units can produce just about any gear type, including worm gears, rack, bevel, crown, change, herringbone, hypoid, helical, planetary gears, and ring & pinion sets.

Superior Gear Finishing, Coating, and Treatments

Euro Gear goes the extra mile when it comes to gears. We use a variety of gear-finishing methods such as grinding, burnishing, lapping, honing, plating, and shaving to ensure that our products deliver smooth, quiet operations.

We grind all our gear teeth up to AGMA 12 standards, which makes the meshing of gears as smooth as possible. After the grinding, we heat-treat the gears to harden the teeth and make them stronger, which gives you increased dependability. In some cases, the design demands coatings, which can increase the life of the component about 4-8 times more than that of an uncoated component.


Treatments and coatings are chosen by our specialized staff of engineers in the reverse engineering stage of designing the new component. Some of our common treatments and coating options include:

• Hard face chrome
• High-velocity oxy fluid (HVOF)
• Heat treating (Induction, Nitriding, Carburizing, and Flame)
• Stress relieving
• Rubberizing
• Tungsten coating
• Nickle coating
• Powder coating
• Black oxide


We manufacture and repair high-quality, complex, custom-engineered gears, precision gears, gearbox assemblies, and sub-assemblies for some of the most demanding markets around the world, including:

  • Mining
  • Rubber & Plastics
  • Aggregate
  • Hydro Electric
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Steel
  • Sugar
  • Cement
  • Specialized manufacturing facilities

We understand that we deal with some of the high-demand market segments that require the fastest response in order to minimize downtime costs. Our experience in those market segments has enabled us to adapt our processes, increase our efficiency, and grow our expertise to serve our customers in a better, more robust way.

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