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Emergency Services

This is where Euro Gear excels, we hold the right materials to accommodate any of your emergencies.

We are only a flight away to get you back and running.

Are You Prepared for a Breakdown?

Do you have emergency procedures & protocols in place just in-case disaster strikes?

Having procedures & protocols are not enough you can’t be too prepared. Of course you can’t think of everything, with our experience we have covered most of the issues on being prepared. You actually benefit from one more step we have implemented throughout our corporation. We have a solution to a problem you probably never really put any thought into.

Introducing our Emergency Preparation Program (EPP)


Euro Gear has response teams throughout Canada, United States, Europe and Africa, readily available to deploy anywhere a GPS can pinpoint! A breakdown is an emergency that costs thousands, tens of thousands and millions every hour of downtime. In the most critical times mine site professionals know whom they can rely on and who has the proven track record to prove it. Euro Gear will:


  1. Evaluate your Machinery
  2. Evaluate your Staff Capabilities
  3. Analyze Maintenance Schedules
  4. Determine Transport Needs
  5. Map Out Transport Routes
  6. Prepare our Engineers and Employees
  7. Determine any Special Material Handling Equipment
  8. Build an Action Plan in an Event of a Breakdown

What is the EPP Program?

With a phone call or visit, Euro Gear can evaluate your machinery, staff capabilities, analyze maintenance schedules, complete project management, specialize formation on site training for maintenance issues and preventative maintenance issues. Common errors and correcting common errors used for so many years. EPP program works one on one with the client. The EPP program is custom designed to meet your needs. It will take your mills weaknesses and turn them into strong points. If budgets are issues the EPP program will still find the best solution to eliminate any disasters. This program has been implemented in more then 12 countries and hundreds of mills. We will gladly put you in contact with our satisfied clients, so they can explain how the Euro Gear EPP program has saved them time, money and headaches.

Considerations as to why there are delays!

Firstly, many companies just don’t have the competent staff and qualified personnel on hand readily available to jump on your problem. Many companies just hire as a project is awarded. Euro Gear is always prepared with the right personnel. Our expert engineers are experienced in the mining industry. Our dedicated people will evaluate your problems and work with you to come up with the best possible solution on every level of the project. Our goal is to save you down time and costs by not cutting corners to save a buck!

Many companies claiming to be solution providers are really just re sellers. Do they actually have the machining capabilities and facilities? Or do they have to shop around?

Euro Gear has 5 machining divisions and CAN manufacture complex gearing up to 240”, machining capability turning and CNC milling Innocenti up to 400 tons that’s 881,840.00 LBS. Can your supplier do that?

We purposely acquired additional machinery that is set aside for emergency usage. You won’t have to wait for a current job on the machine to be complete before we get to yours. Your job will be up on the machine while the competition is still planning your work and giving you 101 excuses why your work is not being worked on! We also have portable machining capabilities, which gives us the extra edge. If your parts are too large to disassemble and machining is required, our portable equipment and certified field engineers and millwrights travel around the world to machine on site. Whether its turning, boring, roll grinding or flange facing, we have what it takes.

Where are the raw materials coming from? And how long will it take to shop around to get it delivered?

Euro Gear has millions of dollars invested in inventory, raw materials and common parts regularly required by plants. We don’t like when the client has to wait. Its just good business to make sure everyone is up and running as fast as possible.

Almost all companies are tempted at one time or another to consider getting their parts made overseas. And after a few inquiries most companies realize that North American made is the ONLY way to go. Calling Euro Gear ensures that you meet whom your talking to, and get the face-to-face interaction to get the security that only a North American company can offer. Do you have your prints of all your mill parts? As history has proven, ordering from the original equipment manufacture (OEM) lead times can be months if not years!

Break the Cycle

Clients are forced to return to the Original equipment manufacture for three reasons:

(I) NAME, because of worldwide recognition where in fact NAME is all they have. Most OEM’S do not produce their own parts. Overseas outsourcing is the new manufacture’s race to win.

(II) PRINTS, OEM’s do not provide prints. Leaving you with NO choice then to return to them and buy parts. Certain client have copies, throughout most of the time the prints they have are missing critical information so people can not reproduce, which is understandable, however if parts were perfect they wouldn’t break! Euro Gear does not copy parts we reverse engineer parts to provide longer lasting parts, not off the shelf parts that were engineered 150 years ago.

(III) GO WITH THE FLOW, Many clients just want to be like the mill next door, and not exert any time in finding alternative solutions. Experienced purchasers and planners think outside that realm.

Euro Gear is neither afraid nor affected by competition. This is why after reverse engineering and manufacturing of your components, we submit proper engineering documentation, certifications, inspections, detailed billing and drawings, so you not forced to deal with Euro Gear, you will want Euro Gear part of your plant.

Supporting You and the Project!
Imagine having an experienced support staff who know your plant inside out and that can answer your questions at any time night or day 7 days a week. We are involved with you every step of the way.Now we wish this would be the way to solving all your problems, but we just had to share this one with you. We have a client who called us saying his gearbox was making unidentifiable noises. We asked him to hold his phone up to the gear box. After listening to it we made a diagnosis that it sounded like the gears were warped and not running correctly. After shutting the line down to avoid an emergency shut down our client opened up the gear box and discovered that the main gear was indeed warped due to a lower quality steel. We overhauled the OEM’s gear box which was only months old with Euro Gear’s high quality components and installed it within 6 weeks. We don’t lose many clients…we just don’t hear from them often after we service them. Why? because their production machinery run like a fine tuned watch. We support through solutions…