Euro Gear Industries has over 60 years of experience in designing,
manufacturing, repairing, and maintaining gearboxes in heavy-duty applications around the world.

New Gearbox Design & Custom Gearbox Manufacturing

When you need a unique gearbox for your installation or mill, a custom-built gearbox is sometimes the only option if you do not want to change the design of your application.

Euro Gear industries is an industry-leading manufacturer of innovative custom gearboxes, replacement gearing, and other motion transfer components that deliver impeccable performance and service life. Our custom gearboxes are engineered to the highest AGMA standards and are the most reliable even in the harshest and most demanding mill conditions.

We can custom build Gearboxes up to 200 mt. We can deliver custom mill drives with center height, center distance, and mounting position identical to the existing gearbox allowing for a seamless fit into your design with no adjustments. This enables easy mounting and replacement while increasing power, efficiency, and reliability.

We can also design a new custom mill drive solution that is completely customized to your individual needs to decrease downtime and increase productivity for your operation. Our engineers will calculate, design, and engineer all the required components leading to superior modifications, new constructions, or overhauls.

Our custom designed gearboxes offer unique advantages that OEMs and competitors can never match. These include:

  • Application engineering assistance
  • Sealed units to IP standards
  • Unmatched efficiency, hence minimizing power loss and saving energy
  • Wide range of gearbox sizes and ratios for optimal performance and minimal operational downtime
  • Permanent lubrication
  • Run tested to monitor gear contact, noise, vibration, and temperature
  • Flexible product structure that is customized to meet the functional needs of your mill.
  • Reverse engineering of existing components to deliver brand new versions that are more reliable and durable than the original.
  • Specially designed speed increasers or speed reducers

Euro Gear Industries Custom Gear Box Capacity

    • High RPM, High Power Output up to 20,000 RPM gearboxes for blowers, compressors, various pumping applications.
    • Medium RPM, High Power Output, Planetary, bevel, herringbone, parallel shaft gearboxes found in the marine, ports, and gear pumps in dredging operations.
    • Low RPM/High Torque Output drives: planetary, parallel shaft, bevel gearboxes found in the mining and aggregate cement industries.


We manufacture and repair high-quality, complex, custom-engineered gears, precision gears, gearbox assemblies, and sub-assemblies for some of the most demanding markets around the world, including:

  • Mining
  • Rubber & Plastics
  • Aggregate
  • Hydro Electric
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Steel
  • Sugar
  • Cement
  • Specialized manufacturing facilities

We understand that we deal with some of the high-demand market segments that require the fastest response in order to minimize downtime costs. Our experience in those market segments has enabled us to adapt our processes, increase our efficiency, and grow our expertise to serve our customers in a better, more robust way.

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