Our manufacturing centers are fully fitted with large machine capacity allowing us to be schedule driven at a competitive price. Our turn-key solutions and support services are aligned to deliver some of the industry’s leading response times and quickest turnaround times.

We provide a full range of creative engineering solutions to clients around the world. We produce metal parts, heavy industrial assemblies, and components involving single or combinative processes such as metal fabrication, all-size machining, forging, casting, gear making, gearbox refurbishments/upgrades, gearbox design, gearbox manufacturing, and a host of other reverse-engineered components.

Euro Gear excels in numerous specialties, including gearbox manufacturing, repairing, engineering, reengineering, optimization, design, maintenance, troubleshooting, assessment, recommendations, and more.

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When gearbox failures occur, your plant or parts of your plant are shut down. Without spares to repair, your disposition is likely to go from bad to disastrous. With no plan prepared, costly hours of downtime will ensue. Fully knowledgeable that your local machine shop is not adequately equipped or specialized in handling such, what are you supposed to do in this situation?

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