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Use Cases

See how Euro Gear can help you by relating to one of satisfied clients

This client was experincing serious OEM gear box failures with their Carbon in Leak (CIL) agitator tanks. The client claimed that no gear box had ever lasted longer than 3-6 months of continuous operation. Every time a gear box fails, it causes months of downtime which result in substantial losses in productivity and profitability. The most common cause of these types of failures is improper calibration and weak components caused by poor quality control. After multiple breakdowns, the client decided to call Euro Gear.

Reverse Engineering

Better than OEM!

The client had purchased three brand new OEM gear boxes for their SAG mill and Ball mill. Immediately upon installation, the gear boxes began vibrating and tripping sensors. The client also observed that one mill was turning at a faster RPM than the other mill, which is a serious problem. After contacting their supplier and perfoming an on-site inspection, the client was told the problem was not with the gear box, but the mill itself. The client then contacted another well-known mining equipment supplier to try and solve it, but they could not identify the problem. 1 year later, they called Euro Gear.


Euro Gear can reverse engineer any gearbox, extending its life by up to 300%.

  • Our re-designed gearboxes out perform OEM’s in many ways, with smoother operation, increased reliability and overall quality.
  • While OEM’s use generic parts from a mass manufacturing run, our gearbox components are made from proprietary unique materials that are determined to be the best for your application.
  • We run all gearboxes in our testing center for a minimum of 8 hours, where it is closely monitored, calibrated, and certified.

Gear Box Manufacturing

Gear Manufacturing

At Euro Gear, every project is handled with the care and attention you would expect from an American manufacturing company.

  • With over 60 years experience, we are second to none in quality and service.
  • None of our jobs are subcontracted to the lowest bidder, we do everything ourselves at our own facilities.
  • At over 1 million square feet and growing, no project is too big or too small.

At Euro Gear, we reverse engineer incredibly durable gears of all sizes for virtually any purpose you require.

Euro Gear upgrades your components using proprietary steels, special treatment, and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.
Unlike OEMs which tend to subcontract out their components and suffer from a general lack of oversight, we keep all manufacturing under our roof.
With this type of control, our skilled team of experts ensure you receive much shorter lead times (up to 70% faster) then most OEMs.

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