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Reverse Engineering

for mining equipment

Are you still using OEM components?

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider reverse engineering with Euro Gear:

  • You have experienced multiple equipment failures in the past 12 months.
  • Your machinery contains obsolete parts that cannot be replaced by the original manufacturer.
  • You are experiencing above average lead times for replacement parts.
  • Your equipment is not performing at maximum effectiveness.

Our reverse engineering services provide a cost-effective method to obtain replacement parts for your mining equipment. Whether you are looking to upgrade old components, improve turnaround time or replace obsolete items, Euro Gear will ensure your plant always achieves peak performance. Euro Gear only uses top quality materials. All of our parts are built to last up to 300% longer than current failing components.

The Reality of Manufactured Components

Is component failure part of your cost of doing business? It shouldn’t be.

OEMs make a large portion of their profits on repeat business. In other words, their products aredesigned to fail! This process is known as “planned obsolescence” and has become common practice among cheap suppliers. OEMs make so much money on repeat business because they know you don’t have many options. Most companies don’t realize the true cost of component failure, so constantly ordering new parts from OEMs has become the standard way of “fixing” the problem.

A gear box should last anywhere from 10 to 15 years if properly maintained. If you are currently relying on OEM comonents exclusively, we are willing to bet your numbers are significantly lower. You may experience short term savings by purchasing the lowest price component, but this will catch up to you in the long run.

Our reverse engineered components are guaranteed to reduce your long-term costs. We know it’s not your fault if your OEM made a low quality component. They know what they are doing. When their components break they automatically place the blame some other reason that you will end up paying for.

Here is a reality check. Just like any industry, client demands grow and their desire for lower prices are even stronger. In response to the demands of clients, manufacturers have to cut back in some way. In the past 5 years $9 billion has been spent on inferior components in the mining industry alone. OEM’s are reporting all time high profits.

Don’t become just another victim! Take control of your supply chain!

The Reasons why Manufacturers Fail

Many manufacturers (OEMs) subcontract their projects to the lowest bidder. In most cases, the lowest priced supplier is cutting costs and lowering the overall quality to win the contract. This includes:

  1. Generic components not specific for the industry. Using the same type of gear in Africa would not perform the same way in the cold climate of Canada. A component in a cement mill will have different requirements that one in a gold mill. Manufacturing generic gears and keeping an inventory lowers manufacturing costs.
  2. Materials are extremely important when designing a component. To keep costs low suppliers use scrap metal from sunken ships that have been rotting away for decades. We understand recycling, but not in this industry. A failing component can kill or cost millions in lost revenue very quickly.
  3. Quality Control: Many countries have low standards in manufacturing and labor, with most of the jobs being done in those countries it is fair to say inferior components are being installed in processing plants across the world.
Reverse Engineering: Could this option work for you?

If you are experiencing any of these issues consider reverse engineering:

  • Obsolete components that you cannot get replaced by its OEM
  • The component would take too long to get from the OEM especially during a breakdown
  • If you need to replace a part of a component instead of being forced to buy the whole component
  • Continuous failing components that are not living out their full expected life span
  • An overall low performance of your plant
  • High maintenance costs
  • Emergency breakdowns
  • Catastrophic failure
Points to Consider for Reverse Engineering Components
  • Component Review for Critical Characteristics
  • Verification of Materials
  • Selection of Alternatives
  • Perform a performance comparison against original
  • Analysis engineering to accept equivalency
  • Create new tolerances and specifications
  • Create a technical evaluation
  • Create records and controls

Other considerations include: Spring strength, corrosion resistance, impact toughness, abrasion resistance, fatigue durability, environment and purpose.

Lower overall operational costs


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