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Agitation Systems

for mining equipment

Onsite Agitation System Repair

Euro Gear manufactures every component in the agitation system. Shafts as long as 20 meters and impellers greater than 7 meters in diameter. Complete drive systems up to 400 KW.

Why Euro Gear for your Agitation Systems?

It all starts with failure.
With over 60 years of experience, we have seen it all. When some of our existing clients started experiencing problems with their agitation systems, we rose to the challenge. We analyze all component failures onsite and in our facilities, and have built a substantial portfolio of success.

While other manufacturers only conduct R&D on their own products, we conduct R&D on ALLmanufacturers! We have seen failures from every OEM, and have implemented many innovative solutions that improve on their designs. We maintain frequent communication to see how our components are performing, so we can say with confidence that we have had nothing but successful results with all of our clients!

Our Approach to Agitation Systems

Component failure of the agitation system boils down to a number of factors:

  1. Inferior design & materials
  2. Poor manufacturing processes and methods
  3. Improper maintenance and lack of attention to detail

To get the system as a whole operating like a fine tuned machine, we ensure that each component of your agitation system is made of superior quality.

Superior quality starts with a superior design.
Superior design starts with research and development. We spend millions of dollars analyzing failures of OEMs, so when we re-design their components we avoid failures caused by their mistakes. We use the latest in CAD technology such as Solidworks and CATIA for design and simulation. Our designs pass rigorous F.E.A. testing to ensure we prevent failures instead of investigating them. By comparing our designs to all the data we have collected on other components, every component we manufacture is unmatched in quality and durability.

By comparison, inferior quality materials tend to have pre-existing notches or flaws in the material that initiate cracks that can grow and lead to failure. We have teams of specialists in fracture mechanics (engineering, applied mechanics & materials science) that are constantly inspecting inferior materials brought into our facilities.

Quality Materials are Our Priority

Most shaft manufacturers use pipe as the shaft. We use mechanical tubing.
There are no weld seams and this provides superior strength. Many times shafts fail due to a variance in wall thickness, interior cracks, or scratches. Our shafts are designed and have been proven to be the long term solution that ensures you with years of use.

Most manufactures use the cheapest materials while not thinking long term solutions for their clients.
Material consideration must be made on several factors, some being environment and various stresses. Consideration must also be made on the assembly methods used with the materials. Having a poor combination of materials result in a poorly designed component.

We strive to handle our components with great care to ensure unwanted irregularities such as cracks, notches, scratches and cavities. We know all the manufacturing methods and know which ones work best. We constantly experiment in our R&D labs to pioneer new manufacturing methods. It’s easy to keep doing what everyone else is doing, but that’s not acceptable to Euro Gear.

Avoid Damage from Onsite Repairs

We are your long term solution.
Most of the time when we get a complete system to overhaul it is due to an improper repair of a shaft that caused unbalance, which in turn puts stresses on the other components and eventually causing their failure. The site usually has insufficient machinery to fix the system correctly thus starting the domino effect on all the components in the system. This is why we strive to manufacture the best agitator systems on the market. Our results speak for themselves!