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Introducing The

Euro Gear custom gear boxes

Custom Gear Box

EGS3 is a Gear Box and Shaft Stabilizer custom designed for your shaft and Gear Box. The EGS3 is another successful Euro Gear invention and design. The EGS3 is built to last. We designed this to be simple to install, adjust with little to no maintenance required. Euro Gear has eliminated all use of replacement bearings by replacing with solid shafts double grease sealed guided by marine bronze bushings for ultra heavy duty applications, in order for you not to have to shut down the tank, replace bearings costing you unnecessary downtime and money. The EGS3 is the missing link between the GB and Shaft throughout the mining industry.


  • New base which mounts onto existing gear box designed to handle both gear box stresses and agitator lateral movement stresses and effects
  • Complete Drop in System


    The EGS3 removes stress off the output of the Gear Box and Input stresses to the top collar of the Agitator shaft. Due to the laws of physics stresses can not be eliminated, however we directed the stresses to our custom base which is attached to your current gear box base. 3 Adjustable heavy duty rollers maintain perfect gear box to Shaft alignment with little to zero run-out. The EGS3 enables the Gear box and shafts to work together in perfect concentricity, by eliminating misalignment, deflections and multi axular movement leading to failure. The three rollers mate with the agitator shaft and are adjustable either on ground or assembled in the tank. The Greased rollers are locked in place and can not un loosen in operation due to a special cam mechanism engineered and built by Euro Gear. For extra precaution a retaining ring is installed after assembly.


  • 3 cone shaped heavy duty engineered supports mounted to the fixed base to keep agitator stable removing lateral movement
  • Custom sizes available


    EGS3 does not touch the cyanide solution in your tanks, rather it hovers above the solution. Your cost savings can now increase even more. Your broken collar agitator shafts can now be re modified and re used with the EGS3 so there is no need to throw away and re order. The main goal and focus of the EGS3 is to be installed on each of your tanks. Many large mining insurance company’s have begun introducing the EGS3 as an asset safety and failure prevention necessity.

What Can Happen to Your Gears Without The EGS3?