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Support, Fabrication, and Reverses Engineering For The Mining Industry

All Types of Gears

Support, Fabrication, and Reverses Engineering For The Mining Industry

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Euro Gear offers a range of gearing, gearbox, manufacturing and repair services of all OEM parts and Equipement for the mining industry, which have been successfully implemented across Gold, Copper, Iron ore, Silver and Diamond mines around the world from our facilities to yours.

Inspections, Assessments and Engineering

Production Plant Performance Assessment (P3A)
A Complete 4-Step Assessment Program Ensuring Your Success!

Custom gear and gearbox manufacturing

Our reverse engineering services provide a cost-effective method to obtain replacement parts for your mining equipment.

installation, maintenance & support

Euro Gear has teams of specialized installers, maintenance experts and engineers around the world… and if we don’t have a team locally we can get a team there in less that 24 hours.


Custom Blower Aftercoolers for Biox process mill operations are designed and manufactured by Euro Gear and are the longest lasting coolers on the market.

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This client was experincing serious OEM gear box failures with their Carbon in Leak (CIL) agitator tanks. The client claimed that no gear box had ever lasted longer than 3-6 months of continuous operation. Every time a gear box fails, it causes months of downtime which result in substantial losses in productivity and profitability. The most common cause of these types of failures is improper calibration and weak components caused by poor quality control. After multiple breakdowns, the client decided to call Euro Gear.

  • Gears Making
  • Dump Trucks
  • Ball Mill Liners
  • Gearbox Rebuilding
  • Custom Bearing Housings

A Proven Company


Quality is our proudest advantage. Our commitment to the mills is our reputable name. All of our parts are proudly produced in the United States of America and Canada. Our parts are the longest lasting giving our clients years and years of smooth operation. Our parts cannot be compared to overseas inferior quality. Our client’s performance and reliability is our main concern.


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Our social efforts

Our goal is to help make life easier for as many families in Africa as possible. Sharing the belief that no child is too far
and that all kids have the right to be happy and healthy.

As a matching supporter, we’ve been able to provide thousands of mothers and children with clean running water.

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